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bloody best thread i have read.
i agree to to the boost at idle, the lagg pisses me off, a bloody datsun can take off quicker than my TD40.
I only get limp mode when i rev high, usually overtaking in 2nd or 3rd, then it cuts out my engine. its FN ANNOYING when ur on a highway in traffic and WHAMMO ur car just stalls. its an accident waiting to happen. My old man once drove my car, and he came back and said ur car has serious problems, i drove home (10kms) at 20-30kms/ph. i laughed and said yeah u triggered the safety in the ecu... you just had to restart engine..

But look, sometimes you neeed to have that extra grunt to take off and/or overtake. i cant stand that limp mode, i would love to have it disconnected or removed all together..

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