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mate, there is no boost when its idling, and i would expect that the EGT is very low in this state aswell, over boost only occurs under load. The problem doesnt occur at all (in my car) when driving around, only idling for 30sec or more. Spoke with the actual nissan mechanic who worked on my car today and it turns out that there WAS an error code in the ECU, P0069 i think eh said, excessive fuel pressure is what it meant tho... so my theory is getting closer.

Denso make the whole common rail system in the navara, pump, injectors, sensors, rail, even the ECU i believe, and they also make it in the landcruiser etc... so im wondering if there are interchangable parts we can use... like ordering the sensor thru toyota instead...? id bet the hilux uses similar/same denso parts aswell. Once i find out the denso part numbers, ill post them here so people can order them direct instead of a new fuel rail thru nissan...

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