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Originally Posted by raine View Post
Even though I have the Rogue Key (built-in buttons) I might buy one of these just to try it out... might actually be better in the pocket when I go mountain biking, since the Rogue key still has the blade portion sticking out to stab at my leg.

BTW the transponder doesn't have to be "cut" out, it's in a small sliding tray:

Full post here.
My OEM 2012 key doesn't have a sliding tray, the thing is embedded. My Amazon cheapboatfromchina rogue key also has no tray. I'm going to give my opinion of 80% chance the dealer can program the transponder that comes in the switchblade. They will, of course, hem and haw and swear they can t, but they can. They will also warn you they will still charge you if they can't do it. Your call, but my dealer walked back in with the two programmed Rogue keys surprised as all get out.

For the most part, all motor vehicles across Nissan/Infiniti's brand line use the same transponder, btw.

/Edit/ Just looked at my Rogue key and realized there is a screw in the back, so it's transponder is likely accessible.

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