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The Punisher

I guess I need to do a build thread. My 03 is starting to show it's age so I started fixing it up in march. Did the roll on Herculiner bedliner on the bed and sides of the truck, I've been playing with LED light bars, I've already ordered the Calmini 3" lift. I have the Moto Metal Skull wheels 17x9 and I am waiting on the Kumho Road Venture Mts 265/70r17 which should be here friday.

I have been toying around with the idea of a 70s style air dam on the front. It would be made from diamond plate and sprayed black. This is a mockup I did in cardboard. I don't think it would effect clearance too much as it doesn't extend past the Go-Rhino Push bar. Still not sure about it.

Model:Crew Cab shortbed
Trim:6cyl XE 2wd
Color:Super Black

More pictures of the progress in my profile pic album for those who haven't seen it.

The Calmini is backordered so I don't know when that gets here. I will also do the ARB locker over the summer since my frontier is the 2wd model.

I also put in a new Sony head unit, Kicker speakers and an underseat Kenwood SW11 mini subwoofer. Sounds clearer and more full range than the factory sound. I just put in new leather from VERY happy with those. Will gets pics tomorrow maybe. Lots of work but they look factory installed. I'm going to get the punisher logo embroidered in the headsets.

These are the wheels.


Per request these are some old pictures of the truck in the good ole days. Probably only a couple years old in these.

This is when it would sink like a rock in the sand and I had to be super careful. First thing I did when I bought it was put that brush guard on it (it is still on the truck) and those cheap autozone offroad lights. I didn't even hook them up for the first Then I welded in the ATV ramps in the bed and that was it. Ignored the poor thing until May of 2014.

Here is when I brought it home. You can just make out the date in the temporary tags.

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